01 December 2011

publishing news

Okay, first can I say that it freaks me out a bit that its December 1 already? Its like I blinked and 2011 sped by without me.

Ah well, moving on. I have publishing news and this time is a double header.

First up is my article on Remnant Collages in Sew Somerset's Winter 2012 issue:


I do have a word of caution for you if you decide to make one of these collages: I started making them because I thought it would be a great way to use up scraps. And it is. But it also means you can use every single scrap you have. E-v-e-r. No matter how small.

They basically kick your scrap fabric hoarding into overdrive. I'm not sure if this is good or not but now I get rid of nothing. I may end up buried under a mountain of tiny pieces of scrap fabric one day, send a search party if the blog ever goes quiet for weeks on end.

As always, Stampington puts out a beautiful magazine with Sew Somerset. Some of my favorites are "Doodling with My Sewing Machine" by Annabelle Ozanne, she does super cute illustrations and puts them in embroidery hoops - love it!

I also spent quite a bit of time lingering over "Antique Bird Quilts" by Caterina  Giglio (big shocker, I like something with birds on it), the neutral worn look of them is stunning. And "Mixed Media Sewing Cards" by Taryn Reece (shown on the cover of the issue) are really unique, love those!

Lots of other yummies in there, well worth picking up.

The other place my work is lurking is the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine:

In it I walk you through how I create layered art cloth and just to keep it different, I added stitching as one of the layers.

Now I have to be honest. I've done a lot of publishing this year but this one? This one is my favorite, its so much fun to have my process out there for everyone to try (hopefully you'll like it too).

As always, QA packed a whopping amount of information into 96 pages. I particularly like the new feature "Off the Page" which asks an artist to share how they go from concept to artwork by peeking inside their sketchbook. Love seeing how other people's brains work. The first artist to offer up their journal is Ana Buzzalino, really good stuff there.

The "Stitched Pet Portraits" by Faith Cleary gave me a smile, I have to do one of Dooley love one of these days. And the "Results from the 'Greatest Pet Peeve' Reader Challenge" gave me a huge laugh - could relate to almost all of them! Jeannie Palmer Moore's "Simple Shibori" looks like a gem, I love any variation that makes things easier and she's done it without sacrificing the quality of the print.

As with any other issue, there's something for everyone in there. Snag a copy if you can, its a great read with a cup of tea in the evening, especially now that winter is coming and its time to hunker inside.

Oh, and just because I said his name and I've not shown him off lately, here's a shot of Dooley love. :)

Happy Creating everyone! :)


Leann said...

Congratulations!! How wonderful, you're becoming a household name!

Took said...

YAY, Lynn!!!

You are so inspirational -- you are nearly about to nudge me over the edge to maybe try sewing. Maybe.

Congratulations on all your hard work!

Approachable Art said...

I was sooooooooo proud of you when my QA magazine arrived and there you were in its pages... you rock, girlie, but you know that already. Way to go!! <3

Deb H said...

I was delighted when my QA arrived and you were in it (again ;o). You have such creative ideas and I love your work!

Lynda said...

Loved both of your articles!

HollyM said...

I will have to wait until I'm out of town to look for the Somerset magazine but I just got my Quilting Arts yesterday.
I've so far only read your article (I like to savor the magazine)and today I re-read it. I'm dying to try it. I already do lots of painting and printing but the steps you use are a little different.

Jeannie said...

Congratulations and Thanks for the inspiration!!! I loved both of your articles and they have yellow stickies on them to remind me to play with your techniques after the holidays. Hey Dooley!!! I've missed your cute little nose.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading the QA magazine, so I'll watch for your piece. And I will now have to go get the Somerset magazine too. Congrats on the 2 publications.

janice said...

Lynn It is so exciting to open QA and see another article by you. Will have to check our Sew Somerset

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love everything you do, Lynn! You are inspirational and I scour every blog post and magazine article hoping some of the ink/paint will rub off on me ;) Congratulations on all you've achieved..it's a fabulous set of accomplishments!

Thea Belecz said...

Read your article in QA with my morning coffee today. Really good and clear directions and presentation! Thank you - I see thermofax screens in my future....