30 November 2011

i'm a paint girl

I was asked recently what kind of surface design artist I am. I didn't understand the question and when I asked for clarification, I was asked again, "You know - what do you use most? Paint? Dye? Bleach?"

Ah yes, that one was easy to answer - I'm a paint girl.

95% of the time, I use paint when I do surface design. Why? Lots of reasons - I can buy it at the store if I don't want to mail order it, there are as many varieties as there are colors on the rainbow, I don't have to batch it, I can use it straight from the bottle, its ease of use means I can work in odd moments when time allows.

I think its pretty much the ideal surface design medium. (I'm a fan, can you tell?)

Imagine my glee when Jackie pointed me toward the Profab paint that Pro Chem sells. I'd heard of it, hadn't used it yet but they take it a step further. Take a lookie at what's on my print table right now:

They offer you the ability to mix your own colors from the color concentrates.

I've always dreamed of having my own paint line, rich with the colors that make my heart sing. Now I can create my own personal palette straight away and the possibilities buzzing in my head are keeping me up at nights.

I didn't get a chance to dig in this past weekend but its on my radar for this upcoming weekend. I expect there to be some work to get the colors and tones that I want but right now, this paint girl is absolutely in love!! :)


Vicki W said...

I look forward to hearing your report on these paints!

Approachable Art said...

You're going to love them!! Carol demo'd them at N. Crow's in October, lovely stuff!

Deb H said...

These sound intriguing. Years ago I sold them in my shop but was not fond of them as they were so thick, I was more of a Setasilk (very thin, like water) kinda girl in those days. Now that I've discovered screen printing I'm thinking back on those thick paints with longing. I'm eager o see what you do with them!

Gisela Towner said...

How very cool! i had no idea that Pro Chem hd such a wonderful thing and I thought I knew their catalog by heart -- LOL!
Note to self...revise Xmas list.

BTW -- I got the new QA magazine in the mail yesterday -- LOVE your
article! Your sewing machine played very nice with the paints -- those art cloths are gorgeous.