13 December 2011

a meeting of artists

You know, there is something about this time of year that seems time warp-ish. I swear days move by in minutes and the entire month flies by in a blink.

I really hate leaving the blog lonely for a whole week. I blame it on December. I always have trouble keeping up. And while its all good stuff, I wish it would slow down a bit for me to find my footing.

One item on my agenda for the month was to attend the holiday party for the Michigan members of the Surface Design Association. Its a group I enjoy and wish I could get to the meetings more often but it doesn't always work out. As luck would have it, I was able to attend and was even more excited it worked out because of this:

That's me, Jane Dunnewold and Jackie Lams.

There are people in the fiber art world that I've been admiring and reading about for so long that they sometimes begin to feel unreal. Jane was one of those people so the chance to meet her was really exciting.

She didn't disappoint.

She is down to earth, generous and focused on making art. All things worth admiring. She is passionate about how she lives her life and I really enjoyed getting to speak with her one on one and celebrate with the group.

I still maintain that the greatest gift I have gained from being an artist is sharing a kinship with people I most likely would have never met otherwise.

Art makes the world a smaller place and I'm grateful for it. :)


Gerrie said...

So glad you got to meet Jane. She has had a big influence on my life, in many ways.

Diana said...

It is just the best feeling to finally meet an on line friend. I had my first experience at Long Beach IQF and met several. It was another highlight of the show, for me. I am still smiling about our meetings.