21 December 2011

book review : create your own free form quilts


I've been a big fan of Rayna Gillman ever since I discovered her first book in 2008. In that one she makes surface design real, easy for the everyday average artist. She does the same thing again in her latest book, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts.

Rayna breaks down the process she uses to create her stunning quilts in a way that inspires and does not feel intimidating at all. Her easy way of writing makes you feel like you are sitting next to her drinking coffee and chatting.

I also love that Rayna mixes her commercial fabrics in with her hand printed ones. I'm a big proponent of this too - if you got it, use it. No need to go out and start your stash all over - its the artist that makes the artwork, make that fabric do your bidding. (That last bit was me, not her, but she says pretty much the same thing.)

You should know that this is not a book of patterns. Instead, Rayna teaches you how to look at variations of arrangements, how to conquer your color hang-ups, reusing old projects and lots more. In other words, she teaches you the skills you need to make your own original work.

Doesn't get much better then that, if you ask me.

I can't recommend the book enough. I've had it sitting on my print table in my studio, perusing it every time I wander by it. Its an excellent tool for the artist that wants to take the leap into independent design but wants to keep their own voice.

Great gift for an artist friend as well as yourself - a great book all around! :)


upstateLisa said...

I just bought the book and played this past weekend! Loads of fun!

Rayna said...

Lynn, you just made my day! Thanks for the nice review and best of success with your new ezine!

Quilt or Dye said...

I love Rayna's book for all the reasons you just said. We are giving it away on Christmas Day on the "And Then We Set It On Fire" blog if anyone is interested. Rayna is also going to be a guest blogger for the Fire blog in January and talk to us about slicing and dicing old blocks to make them better.

Colleen Kole said...

I really have enjoyed her book as well. Many hours of fun playing with fabric ahead using this book. I have read it from front to back and will re-read it!

HollyM said...

I just recently bought the book and I live it too. I have both of hers. I'm looking forward to trying something after Christmas.