28 December 2011

make your photos vintage

I have a weakness for all the cool photo altering apps that are out on the market. I just discovered a new (to me) one and thought you might like it too.

I took this photo from my last post (which I realized I uploaded upside down, I was obviously in need of more coffee when I was blogging):

And tortured it in the Vintage Scene app to get this:


What making thermofax screens would look like if someone was doing it back in the 1800s. ;-)

I did mess around with the color levels in photoshop after I aged it to get things a little more saturated.

As I have a love for all things old and worn looking, this app has earned a place on my dock on my laptop. Super easy and super fun - give it a shot!

1 comment:

Deb H said...

Very nice, I may have to add this one (and a couple of their other Apps) to my Mac!
Thanks Lynn :o)