02 November 2011

fabric owls gone wild

You've seen these fellows around the blog pretty often:

Well, they got bored with me and decided they wanted to hang out over here:

That there is the new issue of International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene that Quilting Arts publishes annually.

Take a look at the cool digs they had for their photo shoot:

*sigh*  I can hear it now - they'll come home and all I'll get is constant nattering about how they got a cool antique condo to hang out in and all I ever do is stack them in a basket in the studio. I'll never hear the end of this.

The cool thing is that the pattern I use to make them is in that article so now you too can be overrun with mischievous fabric owls that refuse to do your bidding (they're pretty willful, just warning you).

I have to be honest, the first time I saw this magazine, I was expecting a lot of traditional quilts. A quick look inside let me know just how much I missed the mark with that line of thinking.

The magazine is packed with some really unusual and exciting things. The gallery section for the exhibit Quilts: A World of Beauty at IQF is outstanding, something I'm happy to see since I didn't make it to any of the festivals this year and missed seeing these in person. They've got another section in the magazine as well that hits some highlights of the other exhibits which is a real treat too.

The "Fabric Panel Shower Curtain" by Marcia Derse really caught my eye. I adore her fabrics anyway but what an unusual use! Makes me want to make one. The "Mixed Media Pillow Cover" by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer are a cool take on a popular home dec item, I'd love to have one hanging out next to me while I blog.

The "Little Gem Pincushions" by Linda Woosley are incredibly adorable, I want to make fifty and  "Fun with DIY Fabrics" by Bonita Rose Kempenich is something you don't want to miss - I'm a big fan of her printed fabrics, really fun and original.

There's more in there that make it a seriously good read. I've been hanging out with it in the evenings taking my time with it. 

Grab one while you can! :)


Deb H said...

Congratulations on making it not another magazine - your owls are adorable too. I'll have to check it out!

Deb H said...

I've got to start proof reading :o(
That would be 'making it into another magazine'.


siren said...

I am ridiculously excited about this magazine now. I love your owls!
now if I can just think of some PRACTICAL use for them, I can convince myself that it's ok to make them for everyone I know. :P (I have a fear of adding to people's clutter, even if it's with awesome art.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your publication and oh my all of those cute owls!!! They do seem to be multiplying on the internet, kind of like bunnies, shhh, don't let them know I said that - it's our secret. I love your owls cause they can be cuddled, looses something in the translation when it is a painting LOL
Thanks for sharing and congrats again!