16 November 2011

fabric owls gone wild part 2

I swear, these little fellows are just having one grand party!

Their latest appearance is in a column by Sherida Warner of Colorado's The Daily Sentinel:

Pretty cool, huh? :)

And I got these photos from Vivika DeNegre:

She made these little fellows as thank you gifts for a fundraiser (she said they've raised $140 so far - yay!), you can read more about in her blog post. (I especially love the word "hoot" stitched across their little fannies.)

Will there be a "fabric owls gone wild part 3" post? Who knows, could be - send along photos of your little guys if you make some, I'd love to share them on the blog! :)


Leann said...

I think you've created a wonderful, hooting monster!!

Kat Campau said...

Very fun project. I like how it's spreading.