27 November 2011

adding a few details

This weekend saw me cleaning the studio. Again. For the billionth time.

Its okay, I've come to accept that I will never be done with the task. (Although I secretly hope someday that someone will start an art studio cleaning service and all I'll have to do is hand over some money and they sweep in like fairies and make everything sparkly. Or get fairies. I'm good with either one.)

Upon cleaning and tidying, I unearthed a bit of odds and ends and I began to eyeball this fellow:

I mentioned back in this post that I wanted to super size him, really make him something over the top. But slowly, kind of as a treat when I need a break from all the have-to's.

I discovered that cleaning is a perfect time to do that.

My friend Took had a de-stash and I came away with some pretty nifty things. One of the things I grabbed were a set of wood blocks that are painted to look like cards. Had no idea what I would do with them but it was one of those deals that you see it and think, "I can do something with that."

And I did:

I knew that the bigger box needed feet because its not a box at all but a drawer. It has a lip around the one side so I needed to put something beneath it to make it sit even. The big giant card blocks did just the trick (and I was super happy that they got used straight away instead of being stashed - thanks Took!)
I also added some paint circles:

I toyed with the idea of painting the entire inside one color but in the end decided I didn't need to think about it that hard. I'll just add as I go. The thing that appeals to me is the grunginess of  the wood so painting the whole thing would defeat the purpose. 

And lastly I added some red jingle bells to the top:

I set them up there to add later, thinking I would drive nails into the edges and hang them from them. But I liked the way they looked just sitting there and the idea of something that is supposed to make noise not being able to because they are stuck in place appealed. They're glued down now.

So here is what it looks like now:

Not an enormous difference but the process of adding to it a little bit at a time is something I'm really enjoying. There's something to be said for slow and steady. :)


elegant_flea said...

Ah yes -- fairies -- organizing ones -- a dream BUT would you know where to find something when the little darlings left??

Took said...

SO happy to see the card-blocks as the feet of this wondrous (so far) work, Lynn!!!

I love the circles you painted, too.

I would really love to see this piece in person some time.


Rebekah said...

If you come across studio fairies please send them my way. I will pay them very well for their services!