02 August 2011

the window

This is the window at the front of my studio. I love it because of the tree that is just outside it. Its leaves are a deep dark red so it always looks like autumn no matter what time of the year it is.


Its also the place that I sit and just think. Mull things over, let ideas stew. I'm still feeling a bit like I'm in a rut but things are slowly beginning to feel easier and that's a sign that I'm moving in the right direction.

Sitting in front of that open window is where so many projects have begun. There's a stillness there, a kind of strange steady flow that lets things wander in and out. Maybe its just because the window is open and things feel freer, wilder.

Nothing feels more thrilling or exciting when its just at the beginning, the start. So many directions and choices and ways to turn.

I sit in my window and let the beginnings putter listlessly around me, waiting for the right one to grab hold and take root...


Approachable Art said...

No worries, your "beginning" will come your way soon. Maybe your mind (muse/spirit) is taking a little rest because something big is headed your way that you'll need all your energy for, later. :D

elegant_flea said...

All excited about the Fall issue of Studios, I stopped in at Hobby Lobby today only to find the summer issue still on the rack. Bummed.