30 August 2011

the dichotomy of beginnings

I have a love/hate relationship with the starts of projects.

On the one hand, they hold every possibility in the world. Its new and exciting and perfect. There's almost a sense of euphoria.

But the other side of it feels like a colossal undertaking. In a good way, but still. The ironic part is that it usually isn't. Once things get rolling, things are cake.

The project up above didn't go the way I wanted. I'll be pulling it apart this weekend and starting over. There was a time when I'd get frustrated with it and move on to a friendlier project (aka, one that is turning out the way I want) but these days I've got a much more zen reaction to it. Its just another chance to add more design to it - another chance to begin. :)


Robbie said...

I'm really curious on this piece. I'm a lover of hand work so....I'll be looking for updates!

Approachable Art said...

Oh, wow... I dunno what it was before, but I'm digging it so I can't wait to see what you do differently to it all. Those long strips of text are calling to me...

Lynda said...

I also love the long strips of handwriting. Can't wait to see what you make.

Love reading your perspective of starting. thanks.