01 August 2011

dooley's fifteen minutes of fame :)

A couple of months ago I frantically ripped through my studio, cleaned every corner, pushed things around into a new layout and declared myself dictator of my space because of this:

And more specifically this:

That there is the Fall 2011 Studios issue. I think I've finally won the battle with my studio. (Don't ask me if its still that clean. You don't want to make me lie to you.)

You know, I've gotta say - I'm pretty proud of all I've accomplished this year but I absolutely squealed when I got this issue. Why? Because of this picture that's in there:

I know, I know - I'm a geek. But what can I say? I love my westie. And he's in print. In my clean studio. How could these things not make me happy?? :)

I wagged the issue at him and declared his fame to him and this was his response:

Yes, he holds the excitement inside. He celebrated with a couple of doggie cookies.

I did spend a good long sit down with this issue admiring everything in it. Studios has always been on of my favorite special publications out there, so much fun to look at the space that other artists put together.

Its awesomeness defined, be sure to pick up an the Fall 2011 issue! And admire my westie. :)


Nina-Marie said...

Congrats on your brush with fame! the studio looks fabulous - what a great work space!

elegant_flea said...

WTG -- once upon a clean (?) studio! with your Westie even! I think I need to look at that issue of Studios -- mine is incredibly full of opportunity but ignored daily as I walk by the entrance to spend time in the garden. Some day my prints will come! Hugs Lynn -- still haven't tried other options on the Riso BUT some day : )

Approachable Art said...

O O O O can't wait to get it and see you (and Dooley, natch!) :D

Anonymous said...

love it!!!!! someday, someday. :)

Deb H said...

I'll have to pick this one up - as I'm in the middle of a ground up redo of my studio space (whole house, actually) and I can also be a voyeur into your studio - waves to Dooley!

janice said...

Even though I can get to see your Westie and even pet him, the photo of the two of you is great and I will enjoy reading the article about your studio and the others highlighted. I can't seem to get mine under control, but that will be a project for next winter -- just don't have time now.

Jeannie said...

I have been haunting the bookseller to see if Studios has arrived. I look forward to seeing you and Dooley. Is he going to sell autographed copies? Have a wonderful week.

Bonita Rose said...

so so happy for you! hugs xo

Kathy said...

Wow! Famous AND get to hang out with a famous dog! How lucky can one person be? Congratulations.