04 August 2011

what's your soundtrack?

I rarely create in silence. There's always noise, suits me better I guess. If I need to just kind of zone out, I put on a movie that I can ignore. (Sounds strange but at that point I'm just looking to fill in the background with noise.)

But when I want to really get into the groove of making something? Like really get down to business and work? That's always music. Could be soft, could be bouncy, could be mellow.

Right now its this:

Feels fitting somehow. And just the ticket to get excited about the flow of being creative.

What about you? What's your soundtrack when you're working in your studio?


Leann said...

Usually blues. Sometimes rock 'n' roll, Cajun, or soul, but always music. Movies are too distracting for me, I lose focus.

Jay said...

I have very eclectic taste....from oldies to bluegrass to country....even an occasional classical!

Deb H said...

I usually listen to classical or instrumental - no words to derail my train of thought. I love the clip you put in your post though; quite the visual treat!

Anonymous said...

It really depends on what I'm working on. Generally Sting & The Police get a lot of air time - great imagery there for me. I love Flo & the Machine - glad to see them here. kd lang's new album and Arcade Fire are also getting a lot of air time.