14 August 2011

thermofax screen giveaway on whip up! :)

I know today is traditionally Where I Stand Sunday but there is something just too good to mention that it can't wait until tomorrow.

Have you ever been over to visit the blog Whip Up? Its one of my all time favorites around. It covers everything crafty and it links to people's projects all over the world. (Love the internet.) So when they asked if I would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway, it took me about two nanoseconds to say yes! :)

This is what is up for grabs:

All you have to do is leave a comment on the post on THEIR blog (not mine, I'm not picking the winner this time.) You've only got 48 hours to leave a comment so don't delay!!!

There is an interview there and a discount code listed for the shop that is good until the end of August.

They asked for a photo of the team and I loved the idea. When I decided to wander back to a day job, I knew that I would need help in order to keep things running smoothly on the art side. My friend and fellow artist, Jackie, stepped into the role. When you order from the shop, you chit chat with me to work out the details of your order but most of the time its Jackie that fills your order so I thought you might like to meet her:

me (left), Jackie (right)

Her husband snapped the photo while her Jack Russell terrier bounced around our feet, it was pretty entertaining. :)

Okay! Enough talking! Head on over to Whip Up and leave a comment to get in on the drawing and find the discount code for the shop so you can get some screens!!!! :)

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Leann said...

That is a great photo of both of you. Good job, Victor.