29 July 2011

QA TV - wishing owls and freezer paper stencils

When I filmed my DVD, Print Design Compose, I also filmed two segments for season 8 of Quilting Arts TV. In one segment I showed how I make Wishing Owls (little plushie owls with a quirk) and in the other I demonstrate how to print fabric using freezer paper stencils.

You can see a quick clip of the owls in this preview here:

Still feels wild to hear my name on these things... :)

Season 8 is out now, airing on PBS, and also available for DVD. There are TONS of great segments in this season. I was so fascinated when I sat in the green room and watched the other artists filming their segments, the place was bursting with talent and fabulous artwork!

You can see the episode guide and pick up a copy of your very own here.

Hope you'll join us for an exciting season! :)

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Leann said...

Very cool!