11 July 2011

left behind

1. L'hôpital abandonné, 2. Loved the old school structure in this barn, 3. Untitled, 4. Up to another world, 5. Hausfriedensbrecher unterwegs auf dünnem Eis, 6. VEB Kombinat Medizin- und Labortechnik, Leutzsch, 7. Chair., 8. "Estoy Quebrada..."-imagenes-editadas-de-cris, 9. Abandoned Baggage 1

There's something magical about things that have been abandoned. Secretive. Enticing. And just a little bit unnerving.

The colors of decay seem full of life, an odd contradiction.

Beauty is everywhere, even in the things that have been left behind.


Kim Hambric said...

Great collection of photos!

I'm always fascinated by what is left behind. I'm obsessed by abandoned buildings and lone chairs left by the roadside.

Anonymous said...

I love your comment that the colours of decay are full of life. I am another lover of finding beauty in the mundane and the abandoned. Great photos accompanying your post too.

Approachable Art said...

"Beauty is everywhere, even in the things that have been left behind."

So true. <3

Anonymous said...

I am a collector of the abandoned, unwanted and forgotten. And my life is beautiful :D

Colleen Kole said...

These are great photos. I enjoy old barns, farm tools and the old stone walls found in the woods. I love imagining who lived there.