17 July 2011

i'm (finally) for sale

I know today is supposed to be the usual Where I Stand Sunday post but I've got something a little more on my mind and thought I'd post something different today.

I've been asked many time is if I sell my artwork. I do. But its been sporadic. Meaning if you happen to be in front of it and ask me about it, I'll sell it to you. There's been a few factors that have stopped me from really getting organized about it - how to price it, not having a big stock pile, wanting a consistent portfolio.

But I decided last week that enough is enough, its time to take this step. It feels like its a necessary (and up until now - missing) part of where I want to go with my art career. So today, instead of taking pictures of my feet, I spent the time putting up several pieces into a new etsy shop.

Many of these pieces have appeared in the articles I've published recently with Quilting Arts and Sew Somerset.

I've got more I want to post but its a start and I'll keep adding pieces to it over time. I've got a lot of work in my studio that is eager to find a new home.

Please go have a look if you are inclined and thanks for taking this step with me. :)

1 comment:

Julie Shackson said...

Well done! Your shop is lovely and your work is beautiful :-)