31 January 2011

art & fear - will you read it with me?

There are a lot of books out there on what it means to be an artist. They talk about all the things you can do to be more productive and connect and how to gain inspiration. In all honesty, many of them don't ring my bell. Not because they are bad books, they simply don't suit my taste.

But have you read this one?

Its one of my favorites. Not because it tells you some almighty secret on how to be a better artist and make millions, but it talks about the things that run through your head when you are sitting in the studio wondering where to start or if you should keep going.

Here's what the summary on the back says:

What is your art really about?

Where is it going?

What stands in the way of getting there?

These are questions that matter, questions that recur at each stage of artistic development - and they are the source for this volume of wonderfully indecisive commentary.

Its been a while since I've read through Art & Fear. In fact, I forgot I owned the book. I came across it when I was digging through my bookshelf looking for something else. I picked it up and read a few pages and realized something - it means something different to me now then when I read it the first time.

Probably because I'm different. I've accomplished more, grown into the title of artist in a more comfortable stance, learned to accept this side of myself that felt sort of foreign when it first showed up.

I'm going to read through it again and I thought perhaps you would like to join me. Would you like to join me? Its a very easy read, has short chapters and is an inexpensive book. You can order it here.

So on the first of every month (beginning March 1 with chapter 1), I'll do a post about my own personal thoughts on a chapter. I'd love it if you'd leave comments or post on your own blog what you thought.

This is just the sort of ongoing discussion that I'd love to have running through the blog. So that's what we're going to do. Grab your book, give the first chapter a solid read and we'll talk about it on March 1.


Joy said...

I HAVE this book! Not sure which box it's in, though.... started reading it awhile back and loved what I read. Then the semester got hairy and didn't finish it. If I can find it you can count me in.

Have you read "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield??? OMG - mine is dog-eared.

deb said...


BonnieRose said...

Ohhhh I need to get it! hugs xo thks for sharing!

FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

I have it and have read it but would love to read it again and discuss!

Kim Hambric said...

Oh, I hate commitments, but I just might do this. I have the book, and at some point, I attempted to read it. I'm not sure why I stopped. But, I guess it can't hurt to take another stab at it.

I might just give this a try.

Sid said...

I'm in too... I haven't read the book in years. Like you said, I'm sure it will mean different things to me now!!

Kathy said...

You know, this book is sitting right in front of me - all the time, in fact - along with The View From the Studio Door. I think, in view of my present stagnation, that now would be a good time to read it again. Thanks for the nudge.

Darcy said...

I'll do it!

Darcy Berg

Pattie Wall said...

I have it..it's in a bag that I take traveling and I never get to read it much..so here is my impetus and I'm IN!

Ann Brauer said...

I haven't even heard of this book--shame on me. But I will check it out. Thanks.

Mary said...

What a great idea! I haven't read it in awhile and I should probably read a chapter a day! Loved it the first time through but the idea of an online book club discussion really appeals to me! Thanks, Lynn!

Lynda said...

I also have this book and haven't read it in years! This looks like a good time to pull it out. Thanks for the push!