26 January 2011

in love with an image

1. birds on a wire, 2. Birds on a wire #1, 3. Birds on wires, 4. bird on a wire, 5. Birds on Wires, 6. Birds on Wires 4, 7. Birds on a Wire, 8. Birds on a Wire Redux, 9. Birds on Wires 6, 10. birds on a wire, 11. birds on a wire 2, 12. birds on a wire , 13. Birds on a wire, 14. Birds on a wire, 15. birds on a wire - IMG_8214_web part2, 16. 4 birds on a wire, 17. Birds on Wires, 18. birds on the wire, 19. Birds On Wire, 20. Birds, On a Wire, 21. bird on a wire., 22. bird on a wire, 23. Birds On The Wire, 24. Project 365: Day 295 "Birds on a Wire", 25. 365:325 - Birds on a Wire, 26. birds on a wire., 27. Birds on a Wire, 28. birds on two wires, 29. birds on a wire 2, 30. Birds and Wires, 31. birds on wire, 32. Birds on a wire, 33. birds on a wire., 34. Birds on the Wires on Vimeo by Jarbas Agnelli, 35. Birds on a Wire - Dark Clouds Blue, 36. birds on a wire

I simply can't get enough of this image - birds on a wire.

Its haunting and romantic all at the same time. To be totally honest, its the kind of image that puts me on edge. There's nothing soft about it, its dangerous and feels lonely.

And that's part of what brings me back to it time and again.

While I was searching for pictures to use in the mosaic, I found it fascinating that so many photographers chose to make their photos black and white. When I came across ones that were in color, I understood why.

Color doesn't seem right somehow. It seems like it should be a shadow image...black, white, grey.

These small creatures, high on the wires. To look at them bunched together feels personal, like I'm peeking in on someone's private time when really I should be minding my own business.

I doubt I'll ever tire of looking at them. Its an addiction.

What image do you have to look at time again? What moves you to fascination?


Gerrie said...

I totally love this image, too.

wlstarn said...

Check out this video. It's your image taken to a next step: music composed fom a similar image.

Gisela Towner said...

It's one of my favorite images too, but then I'm nuts for anything with birds.

Lighthouses and trees too. I've taken thousands of pictures of those. And bridges over rivers.

Leann said...

Very cool video, wlstarn.
Well, um, skulls, but, Lynn, you seem to have a slight preference for them too...

Patricia said...

I can't stop taking pictures of the water towers on top of Manhattan's buildings. Love love love them.

Kim Hambric said...

I've always been very fond of seeing birds on a wire. Also, I can't get enough of seeing things (anything) arranged in a grid formation.

You can imagine how pleased I am to see this post.

Michigoose said...

I've been thinking of this a lot. We don't have too many "birds on a wire" around here as I don't live in an area where there are a lot of un-buried power/communications lines.

I think I am drawn to barns and decaying industrial sites and details....lots and lots of details. I think this is going to be fodder for a discussion on my blog. :)