22 January 2011

quilting arts - thermofax article part 2!

This came in the mail yesterday:

Its the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine. I'm always happy to see it. It means I get to take some time and read about fellow surface design and art quilt addicts. (Its always nice to have company, ya know?)

But what made me especially giddy for this issue is this:

That's the second installment of my articles about thermofax screen printing. As always, its thrilling to see what a fantabulous job they do laying everything out and making it look its best.

This article is five pages long and focuses on multiple color printing with thermofax screens.

You know what this means, right?

My evil plan is working - soon everyone will be printing with thermofax screens and we can take over the world! Muahahahahahahah!

Or at least have a really good time flinging paint at each other. ;-)

Check the article out, I'd love to know what you think of it. And spend some time with the rest of the magazine, its really outstanding!


KMY said...

I can't wait to get my copy and read it; I'm sure it is good (like all your stuff)

Anonymous said...

Very clear instructions. I have tried doing my own version of the kaleidoscope method but I couldn't find a good way to place the colours to prevent a mushy-messy print. Your method gives a lovely blend and I will have to pull out my screens and try it today. The block out method looks great too. And I never thought of the coloring book method- brilliant......
Thanks for the great article

Approachable Art said...

Rock on, chickie, you're my hero. <3

Jeannie said...

Excellent article! I am counting the days until warmer weather when I can start experimenting in the "outdoor studio". Have a great week.

janice said...

Very nice article with great instructions and some interesting techniques that I haven't used and am looking forward to trying. I think that is really great when people share their techniques rather than keeping it a secret for their own art.