21 May 2010

spoiled feet

The last time I ordered fabric from Dharma for dyeing, I decided to try out dyeing some socks as well. I'd never really dyed anything outside of fabric for artwork so I figured it would be fun.

Oh boy was it.

These are bamboo socks and they are so incredibly soft. I can't stop petting my feet. I didn't fuss much about how the dye was applied, I just wanted to play and have fun and not really get all bent out of shape about how it spread.

One pair found its way into Cathy's hands so I came home with five pairs. Here are the other four:

Mom has already laid claim to the pair on the far left (are you surprised?). To be honest, when I made them I figured she'd be interested in those. As soon as I asked her if she wanted them she took them and scurried off with a smile so I guess I did a good job with them.

The second pair from the left is a lovely golden color (which the camera decided you didn't need to see), the purplish pair is a loner (the mate has already gone AWOL, I suspect the troll that lives in my dryer and eats nothing but socks has it - I plan to do battle with him later on to get it back) and the last is sort of halloween-ish (has yellow and green and splashes of blue and purple).

I'd like to dye some more. I grew weary of the boring colors I can buy in the store a long time ago. I know I can really wild ones if I'm willing to wear spandex and bizarre synthetics but I'm not so there's a lot of white in my sock drawer.

Next time I'll be more vigilant about making sure there are no undyed spots. But as this was an exercise to get some socks with color, I'm happy with how they came out.

Dooley found them entertaining as well:

Nosy little bugger.

He's been in a mild rain coma these past few weeks. When the weather turns exceptionally grey as it has been, his little self decides that the best way to pass the time is to nap. Here he is exhibiting his fine tuned skills in this area:

Mom estimates she crocheted that blanket back in 1974. It is beyond worn. Has holes. Is unraveled in certain areas. And he adores it. In fact, he has on more then one occasion set about rescuing it. Okay, I have to share a cute dog story with you. (If this annoys you, skip the rest of this post.)

We have a problem with a leaky fireplace (which will hopefully be resolved soon). There are several buckets strategically placed inside it but I still have to put towels in front of it because there is seepage. With all the rain we've been getting lately, its been quite the joy (said with heavy bitter sarcasm bordering on insane cackling). Dooley's normal napping area is right next to the fireplace.

A few days ago I removed all the towels to put them through the wash and came back to find him staring at the fireplace hearth. He proceeded to inspect the whole area, sniffing every millimeter. Then promptly turned around and began to push his crocheted blanket to the other side of the room. I watched with amused silence as he set about dragging it with one paw, walking to the other side of it so he could scrunch it up into a heap and then shoving another paw into the bundle to drag it a little farther. It was an awful lot of work.

I figure he decided that if there was going to be a mess, he was going to rescue his beloved blankie. He was a westie on a mission.

He ranks high on the entertainment scale.


mary said...

those are awesome socks!

Gisela Towner said...

Love the socks!
Hmmmm -- I've got bunches of plain white socks and some mixed dye that I need to use up...
Awww -- the Dooley story is so cute!

Leann said...

Dooley shouldn't sleep so much, he looks primed for a dye bath and his big sister might want to add some color to him.....

Jean Baardsen said...

Oh, my, you could paint toenails on them and wear them with sandals....

wlstarn said...

Get one of those mesh bags for washing sweaters or lingerie. Put your dyed socks in it to wash them. AHA! You will have foiled the evil sock-eating laundry monster.

Keren said...

Hi, recently found your blog and enjoyed reading it. I took your survey about thermofax and hope i win since i've recently started experimenting with silkscreening.