24 May 2010

golden heaven

Like a lot of artists, I dig Golden paint.

A lot.

But I fully admit that when faced with a wall of their products at the art store, I'd go kind of cross eyed and back away. A few weeks back I found out about their working artist program. Basically what it is is a working artist (duh, right?) that goes forth into the world wielding demo boards and jars and presents a free lecture telling you every single thing you could ever want to know about Golden - both their products and as a company.

I was excited to book the Michigan working artist, Valerie Allen, to speak for the fiber art group I belong to. It took place yesterday and I can't recommend these lectures enough. Seriously. The wealth of information is outstanding and you get free samples (including the hand painted color chart shown above) to take home with you.

Here's the group in rapt attention:

And I love this shot with Valerie looking all excited as she explains the wonders of clear tar gel (which is pretty cool stuff so its totally understandable):

We had the lecture at the Northville Art House, which is a great place to hold events. If you follow the link above to the working artist page you'll see a listing of all the artists that do these lectures. If there is one near you, try to get to see it, you won't regret it.

It was such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Surrounded by a large group of giddy artists, learning about new ways to get messy in the studio and the rain finally stopped.

Good times.


mary said...

it was an awesome presentation!

Jean Baardsen said...

I bought one of their books and it's marvelous! Called "Altered Surfaces: Using Acrylic Paints with Gels, Mediums, Grounds & Pastes" by Chris Cozen (working artist, Golden Artist Colors). Got it through amazon.com. Only about 50 pages, but stuffed with tons of neat techniques. Sounds like a great workshop!

Yarnhog said...

I thought you were going to tell us you'd gotten a job as a working artist for Golden. That would be a pretty cool job, actually.