06 May 2010

i don't know why

I'm on a little shawl knitting kick lately. I'm loving the ones that have super simple bodies and then a fancy edging.

is nearly complete. Only nine more rows to go:

I'm hoping to wrap (no pun intended) it up tonight because I already have my next pretty picked out and ready to go.

Next up is Andrea's Shawl from Through the Loops:

That's Shepherd's Wool, lovely Michigan made yarn. I'm literally chomping at the bit to start it. But I'm restraining myself. I need to finish the orange shawl first. I need to finish the orange shawl first. I need to finish to finish the orange shawl first. (Chant with me...)

I made a little deal with myself at the beginning of this year concerning my yarn stash. Its a healthy pile and I love it dearly and I'm not the sort to lament over having built it up. But I also admit that I have enough to knit and crochet from comfortably for quite some time.

So the deal I made was that I could buy patterns and books (truth be told I'm more of an individual pattern buyer, rarely does a book have enough patterns I want to make for me to buy the whole thing) if I fell madly in love with something BUT I had to perform an exhaustive search of the stash for the yarn to make it.

If, and only if, I could not locate a single thing in all that wooly goodness that would work well could I turn my attention to buying what was needed. There's only been one or two instances that I couldn't find something that worked.

(And here's where the title of this post comes from). A mosey around etsy looking at patterns brought me to this seller (who I highly recommend) which led to these books landing in my mailbox today:

The one on the left is, yes, crocheted seat cushions. Mom gave me a look that let me very clearly know she felt I'd gone to some kind of strange happy place and that's why I was so excited about it.

But before you go agreeing with her, let me tell you: this book is c-o-o-l.

No, I don't speak or read Japanese. But I have several tatting books in Japanese. They do a stellar job of diagramming things and photographing each step so you don't need words. Its all visual. Granted, you have to be willing to learn how to read charted patterns but its totally worth it. I'm convinced they could take belly button lint and make fine art out of it.

I'm particularly intrigued by this pattern:

It looks super cushy. And the directions are pretty clear (which doesn't mean I won't screw it up anyway but I think I've got a fighting chance at getting it right):

Just a quick shot of a couple more patterns:

I'm completely smitten. And I don't know why. I'm so intrigued by these things that I just want to carry the book around with me everywhere and force people to admire it.

I've already scoped out the house and was a little bit disappointed to see that there are only four chairs that could benefit from these. Perhaps they would work well as front and/or back panels for bags? Or if I use finer yarn maybe they could be little coasters? Or I could just make them and randomly stick them to the walls as funky decoration...or I could make Dooley a little cushion so he could sit on it in the middle of the room like a little prince...or...or...

Crocheted seat cushions for everyone!!!!

Okay, I'm better now. I'm a bit yarn drunk right now...

I got an email the other day asking why I don't post many pictures of Dooley love on the blog anymore. I guess I didn't realize I hadn't been so here's a view of what he looks like when I come home from running errands and he is in greeting mode:

His ritual involves grabbing a toy (his lamb was closest apparently today) and then pacing back and forth in front of you and wagging his tail in haphazard circles. It doesn't matter if you've been gone twenty minutes or five hours, he is as equally thrilled to have you back either way.

Not a bad way to return home, huh?


Gerrie said...

I am so intrigued by that Multnomah shawl. I live in Multnomah County, Oregon. It is beautiful.

Yarnhog said...

I want your Multnomah! That orange is screaming my name. I have yet to block mine; truth be told, I'm not sure whether it needs it, but I don't want to post pics until I decide.

Leann said...

Wow, who thought seat cushions could be sooo cool!