10 May 2010

finding my french fries

I've been saddled with a case of the "meh"s lately.

You know what I mean - the times when you want to do things but can't summon the energy or the inspiration. When things are available for you to work on but you just sort of sit and stare at it, wondering just how long you can let things go before your deadlines decide to come to life and smack you upside the head.

Don't know what it is. But I'm there and have been for a few weeks. Sort of feeling like I've lost my mojo. Its there, just not cooperating.

In the past I would fight these times, trying to force inspiration or making myself work on things thinking it would get me moving again. It never worked. In all honesty, it usually just ended up making me more frustrated. So I've learned to just leave them alone, let them brood and do their things and in time, they get bored with me and move on.

During one of my more restless moments I was cruising around on etsy and came across this print from Studio Mela:

It made me giggle out loud. The visual of just how happy a bird is with a french fry is pretty funny on its own and the idea of working to be happier then that seems like such a wonderful idea.

I plan to hang this print in my bedroom so that everyday as I'm getting ready to go on my way, I can see it and have a little smile. It needs a frame. I think it needs a hand decorated one, don't you? I'll have to track down a simple cheap one that I can paint and doodle on to compliment it. Its far too fun of a print to just put in a plain old generic frame.

In an effort to find my french fries, I've been indulging any little whim (within reason). Dooley and I have been walking every day. I love his shadow:

And I've been standing underneath the gigantic trees that line my street staring up into all the leaves that seem to have appeared overnight:

I also went ahead and scheduled myself for a couple of classes. I'm taking a class with Pamela Allen this friday and a knitting class to learn entrelac in a couple of weeks. Add to that three days of dyeing and printing planned with a friend for this weekend and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to give those happy birds a run for their money.

I hope you're finding plenty of french fries in your day too.


Kim Hambric said...

Strange, but I seem to be in the exact same place lately -- trying to knock a few pieces together, but then just saying "meh" and walking off.

Glad you found your french fry print. I will try to keep that in mind every day. Maybe its time to buy a good book. Or two.

French fries for all!!!

Kitty D said...

Wow, we're all on the same page! I've been feeling "meh" a lot lately as well, this crappy rainy weather isn't helping either!

That French Fry print is too awesome! I have to find something like that to keep me pumped up & to put in my bedroom area as well!

Going to go and get some schoolwork done now, so I have some time for some fun stuff!



Kat Campau said...

Hope you find your inner french fry.