19 May 2010

the grand tour

I am a bona fide city girl. Born and raised in Detroit. When I made the move out of the city several years ago, it was culture shock. The houses were farther apart (not separated by just a driveway) and there were no sidewalks or street lights.

The city girl in me still lives strong. But I've come to appreciate the quieter places where nature has been allowed to do its own thing. Cathy lives in a place like this. I had a good time going out and exploring the ten acres she lives on (and her neighbor's across the street where horses and chickens hang out).

And since I had such a good time, I thought I'd share it with you as well:


Yarnhog said...

How lovely!

Is that the remains of the dye-fest I see on your cuticles? ;)

Kat Campau said...

It's a beautiful photo essay.

Leann said...

beautiful photos.

deb said...

Lynn....BEAUTIFUL! And is that a tadpole on your hand in the 9th photo?

Diana said...

Beautiful nature photos. "looking through the eyes of a city girl in the country". I love them all.