13 May 2010


My fabric dyeing habits are strange at best. Usually I end up going on a binge during the summer and then avoiding it for the rest of the year. Its a habit that I am hoping to break this year.

I want to become one with the dye.

Love the dye.

Bond with the dye.

Be all yoda with the dye.

So the best way to go about that is to spend a weekend with a master dyer. The car is packed with an extraordinary amount of fabric and we will be visiting Cathy shortly.

The weather isn't ideal right now (the thunderstorms are grumbling right now as I type this) but she assures me that this is no deterrent for her. (I suspect she would pull out the dye buckets during a hurricane if the mood struck her.)

One of the things we are doing is some indigo dyeing. Neither of us have done that before. I picked up a kit from Pro Chem during International Quilt Festival and it'll be fun to see what kind of a mess we can make with that. (I'm bringing an extra large box of gloves.)

So that heap of boring white and unbleached fabric should come back (hopefully) in a delicious range of my own personal earthy palette.

Most likely I will as well. More soon...


mary said...

have a great time! tell cathy i said howdy!

Gisela Towner said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!!

Anonymous said...

totally jealous.. I wanna play

Leann said...

I can't wait to see what you bring back!

Deb H said...

A weekend with Cathy aught to really work wonders for your Mojo too - have fun and color wonderfully you two!