25 November 2009

pass the zanex please

I've been happily humming away making stock for the bazaar this Saturday. I can say that now without hyperventilating - the "this Saturday" part.

The detail that threw me into a frenzy this morning was realizing that I neglected to figure out how I wanted to display things. Three things ran through my mind:

1) My mother always told me if you're going to do it, do it right. (Couple that with the fact that I'm a Virgo and you can imagine the obsessive attention to detail that inspired.)

2) My store taught me that quality product is step #1 and presentation is step #2. Gotta make it look pretty.

3) It has to be light enough that I can move it around on my own when my back is at its worst. (I plan for the bad days so that I don't have to stress about needing help.)

I admit that I considered just placing things on the table and standing next to it while doing a Vanna White style presentation as people walked by. But really, I'm not all that interesting to look at so I sucked it up and figured out a plan.

I must have paced back and forth through Joann's at least ten times. I think I made the staff nervous. I wouldn't be surprised if they had security stalking me. I hemmed and hawed and generally drove myself nuts. As much as I detest the stores this time of year, I was thankful for the crazy sales today.

I came home and cobbled this together:

Forgive the lousy photo (pay no attention to the box of Christmas tree ornaments in the background.) I've no time to stage things properly - I'll get better snaps at the show. Several of the items I've made hang. Including these wall art pieces. The little pieces are a new series I've become addicted to - its called the Zen Pebbles series and has felted pebbles, hand dyed cheesecloth and fabric. I only intended to make a few but once I got going, I couldn't stop.

I scrounged through my studio and came up with two displays for the bird's nest necklaces and the other hanging items and my heart rate has finally returned to normal. After I'm done with this post I have to make tags and an inventory list and oh yeah, there's this turkey thing going on tomorrow that I need to make something for.

I really need to get moving on that. I'll leave you with a photo of freshly groomed little man lounging on his westie blanket (what? Your dog doesn't have a blanket with a picture of him/her on it?):

Oh, and by the way...I had to enable comment moderation on the blog. Not something I really wanted to do but the spam robots seem to have discovered me. I've been having to go into old posts and delete comments linking to ads that are, frankly, obscene. Its mostly been the older posts but one popped up on a recent one the other day and I figured that it was not likely to end any time soon. I'll leave moderation up for a while and hope that they'll get bored and move on to torture someone else. So nothing personal, I obsessively check my email a few times a day so I'll see any comments left fairly quickly. Stupid spammers...

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Yarnhog said...

The display looks great!

I don't think my dogs' pictures would fit on a throw. Maybe a bedspread...