12 November 2009

the battle is turning in my favor...

Okay, I checked the dining room, the kitchen, mom's desk, my bedroom, my studio, Dooley's toy basket, under the couch and couch cushions, in my car, in all the bags that I've used to travel recently and in my bathroom (not sure why but you never know) and I am accepting defeat: the camera battery charger is KIA.

After a bit of grumbling and generally feeling growly, I resigned myself to buying a new one. Went online, scowled at the $160 price tag Leica wants to charge me for a new one and then suddenly remembered that I am a woman with skills - and access to Google.

So off I went on the internet determined to find a cheaper alternative. Because really, its just a little black thingie with a few electronic doo-hickeys in it...you can't possibly tell me it warrants that much money.

Turns out I'm not the only one unwilling to open my wallet to Leica and throw money to the wind. I was directed to a few "generic" alternatives that work with the battery I use. I grow a bit suspicious of items that are under $10 so I turned my attention toward the $60 one. Still more then I hoped to spend but the camera wasn't cheap and I don't want to end up damaging the battery and have to get a new one of those as well so we considered it.

And considered it.

And then decided to go check Amazon.com to see if there were any reviews to see how the thing stacked up to its name brand brother.

Holy Amazon batman...how does a price reduction to $18.95 sound to you?

I don't know how Amazon is able to sell something that normally costs $60 to under $20 but all I knew was that I was about to question it. I grabbed the credit card before it had a chance to change its mind and claimed one for my very own.

Now, I'm not entirely convinced that I've won the fight yet because you know, there's still the chance that the thing could be a total piece of junk and not work. But for $20, I'm willing to take the chance.

Photos hopefully coming soon....


Jean Baardsen said...

After the new battery charger arrives, let us know where the old one turns up. :o)

wlstarn said...

They may be phasing out that particular style of battery. My DH is currently selling hardware & lawn equipment at a major retailer. People come in for new batteries when the battery that came with a power tool dies after a few years' use. It's not uncommon to find out that they no longer MAKE the battery that fits the drill or whatever. At that point, all you can do is buy a new drill. He's been suggesting that customers buy the extra battery when they get the tool. Of course, if they quit making the battery, they will quit making the charger also. Just another example of planned obsolescence.

Yarnhog said...

I love the internet.