03 November 2009

forgive me

My mind is sort of all over the place. I'm making things for the holiday bazaar, I'm writing, I'm cleaning, I'm still working on mailing out an exhibit (ran out of priority mail boxes, waiting on those to be shipped to the house)...so you get random. Here goes:

1.) Dirty Jobs is on TV now. Mom thinks I'm disturbing because I often eat during the show. (If you've ever watched it you'd understand why this is not normal.) If I'm being completely honest, I find it fascinating but even more so because Mike Rowe is hot.

2) It is NaNoWriMo. I am committed to completing a chapter over the course of a three day period. I began this novel last year during NaNoWriMo, its fitting I will finish it this year during the same month. Of course, this is the first solid draft I've produced, there has been much fiddling and researching and starts and stops. We are determined to get this thing out of my head.

3) Activity #3,187.5 that is perfect for avoiding writing: experiment with a perfectly fine recipe for Shepard's Pie by using sweet potatoes rather then white potatoes and crinkle cut canned carrots rather then fresh ones and pray that after nearly chopping off a finger while cubing said sweet potatoes for boiling that it will be edible. (It was.)

4) I cannot locate the battery charger for my camera. This has upset me in a way that I can't explain. I plan to destroy the house tomorrow, I will not rest until it is located. Which means you will have to be satisfied with my ramblings for the time being. (This makes me worry about my readership, I have visions of people unsubscribing in mass...) Mom has a camera but its pink and the thought of using it makes me break out in hives.

5) Braved the mall (I am of the opinion that the mall is the devil) for a brief visit with Cathy today. She uttered a phrase that nearly sent me into hysterics. Upon entering a stall in a bathroom, she exclaimed, "Oh my, what happened in here??" Luckily she was referring to toilet seat covers being strewn all about the floor. There are far too many upsetting alternatives to what that phrase could mean.

6) I'm doing battle with a woodpecker that has decided my house is dinner. We have a lot of wood trim and apparently it is the prime rib of wood trim. The little bastard is so loud it sounds like someone is shooting a machine gun at us. I am determined to convince him that hanging about making gigantic holes is a bad idea. Suggestions on how to fight the little bugger are welcome.

7) I'm also doing battle with Dooley love. His eye is not improving. In fact, he seems determined to drive me over the edge by scratching at it and then spending the day looking like Popeye. *sigh* My nerves can't take much more of it. I'm tuning into my mom instincts with such phrases as, "Just because I can't see you doesn't mean I don't know what you're doing!" Mom finds it amusing...

8) I overheard a rather heated discussion at Joann's the other day. Two women in the yarn section were debating if crochet or knitting is cooler. Personally? I'm a yarn whore. I figure any excuse to use it is good in my book. Why limit yourself? Embrace the hooks and needles. Plus the metal crochet hooks come in really cool colors that I don't see that often in knitting needles. For some reason, a magenta crochet hook makes me stupid happy.

9) I'm going to go see this when it comes out and I am not ashamed.

10) Activity #456 that is perfect for avoiding writing: clean out the pantry. Did you know that macaroni and cheese has an expiration date? Me either. Sort of disturbing to see 2002 printed on the one pushed toward the back.

11) I still think there is a special circle of hell for the people who invented time changes. As I get older, doesn't seem to matter if I'm loosing or gaining an hour, my body knows something is not right and reacts along the lines of a little kid whining for candy in a check out lane at the grocery store.

12) The fact that my engineering knowledge revolves around product design leads me to believe that I can often "improve" the performance of many of the things I own. The fan in my studio is currently suffering due to this theory...

Excuse me while I go harass the dog. He is currently lounging on the sofa next to my chair. He was resting, now his head is up and he is attempting to not make eye contact with me. I think he's getting ready to scratch his eye. This is turning into a sport, I am determined to win...


Alessandra White said...

Mike Rowe is way hot! I wouldn't normally be able to watch poo-related TV content with such regularity.

I am already behind on NaNoWriMo... Gotta get me some writing done today!

Anonymous said...

You can always make me laugh... Love reading your ramblings of "WHY" your not writing... so now get some of that done, or I'm sure I could round up a posse and come "TP" your house with Cotton Candy Pink Streamers :)

terry t said...

ummmm, something wrong with this picture... you won't use mom's PINK camera but you think magenta crochet hooks are cool?!?

Karen Minturn Brown said...

cyanne (that's spelled wrong...) pepper should change that woodpecker's mind. Seriously, it could mean bugs in the wood trim. Maybe bug killer of some kind to get rid of the source.

Yarnhog said...

Mike Rowe is totally hot. Even my kids know to shut up and let me watch when he comes on.

wlstarn said...

Sounds like Dooley may be destined for the Collar of Shame after all, at least when you can't watch him 24/7. They get used to it. It's got to be less humiliating than taking a bunch of trips to the vet for the eye thing, not to mention less $$$ (trips to the vet are expensive these days. We took a trip last week with big orange cat who had somehow gashed his leg & needed stitches. Not sure who was in more pain, him with the stitches or me when I paid the bill).