14 November 2009

maybe it wasn't such a bad thing

I've been most unhappy about not being able to use my camera (as you all know since you've had to listen to me whine about it for a couple posts now). One of the things I wasn't really sure how to handle is my Where I Stand Sunday posts since its a photo essay. The key word being photo.

I admit that when the project began its third year (three weeks ago), that I wanted to do something different this year. I love the project, its near and dear to my heart but I wanted to put a twist on it.

So not being able to use my camera this week pushed me into having to compensate and the light bulb finally went off.

The third year will be 8.5 x 11 artwork inspired by Where I Stand photos. The blog will show a collage, drawing, quilt, etc.. plus the original photo that inspired it (except for this week because, well, no camera in case you hadn't heard.)

I'll be going back and creating variations of the three original photos already posted so far for this year and will toss them up on the blog when I'm through with them.

I was pretty active in the art world last year but much of that revolved around organizing and curating exhibits and events. What that means is that that was all I had time for. My work schedule was off the charts so I had to choose what would fit in and every time the exhibits won out. I'm not complaining, I make my own choices about how I spend my time and I am responsible for my own art output. But its left me feeling unsatisfied so I've made the commitment to myself to work more art in over the course of the next year. I think this variance of the Where I Stand essay is an excellent step toward that goal.

So tomorrow will look different (I'll add the inspiration photo once my camera becomes functional again) and I hope that you will enjoy the change as much as I will.

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Alessandra White said...

Hearing you say this is really a motivation to me. You put it into words really well, the idea that I can choose where and how to put my creative energy. I haven't felt like it has been my choice for a while - being a mom kind of trumps art. But reading your post, and succeeding in this writing thing, is giving me a new way of looking at it. Thanks!