21 November 2009

headless chicken here

Holy cow, my schedule has been packed this past week. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not happy unless I'm running about like a headless chicken. At least it keeps things interesting. Here are a few of the things that have been occupying my time (notice how I managed to avoid calling it random, pretty savvy eh?).

On Monday I got a call from Joan asking if Running with Scissors would be interested in hanging an art quilt display in downtown Northville for the holiday season. And it would be preferable to have it up by Friday. Luckily we are a very talented group with lots of work so it was fairly easy to gather enough artwork to do it. Although the pictures below are lousy (I plan to go back and stalk the display at night to see if I can get a better shot), its pretty spiffy that we've got a display in a storefront right on Main Street:

On the home front, this went up today:

I'm a big fan of the Christmas tree, find it all warm and cozy and as soon as it goes up, it stays lit whenever I am in the room. Dooley lays in front of it when its in the room, just love it.

I also drug my brother to my storage unit to dig this out:

I haven't done my normal baking marathon in a couple of years so this guy has had quite the respite. Well, the rest is over. Its getting a good washing next week and recipes are being pulled and soon I will make everyone in my family fat with cranberry bread and cookies.

On the art front, I added a new piece to my collection. This is a photo called dance of the leaves by Chrysti Haydek:

When I saw it I did the little gaspy thing and just had to have it. (All of Chrysti's photos kick butt, go check them out.) Its going to be the inspiration piece for the new color scheme for my bedroom makeover. Going to my storage unit today made me realize that its not quite the monstrosity that I thought it was (I had built it up in my mind to be the most colossal of messes when in fact its manageable) so the desire to move my bedroom furniture home and repaint and redecorate is back. Its going to be my first project for the new year, some other things need to happen before we can get to the actual fun part of decorating.

I'm also busting my booty to finish stock for the holiday bazaar next weekend. These little buggers have some stitching yet to go but they are almost done:

I plan to work on them when I'm done with this blog post. Then next week I have to focus on finishing up some other things and getting tags printed out, etc. Lots to do but I'm soooooo looking forward to it.

If you're in the area, here's the info for it:

Running with Scissors Holiday Art Bazaar
Saturday November 28, 2009
Berkley Knights of Columbus
2299 Twelve Mile Road
Berkley, MI 48072

I'm taking a class with Rayna Gilman tomorrow on batik. I've never tried batik before and I love Rayna's blog and work so I figure its going to be a rocking good time. My back is being pretty cranky but if I baby it tonight, it should be fine for a one day class.

I also had an interesting time putting together the Inspired By version of my Where I Stand Sunday photo today. I'm no whiz at the photo manipulation, I can squeak by when I need to but for the most part, its a mystery. But I cussed at the programs a little bit today and managed to achieve what I was going for. I'll go up tomorrow.

OH! And tomorrow is the last day to gander a guess on what this is. Remember - one guess per person and everyone who gets it right will have their name put in a hat for a chance to win one. Get guessing!

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