23 April 2009

random shmamdom

Its been an interesting few days around here lately. More a mish mash of what feels like a million different things going on at once so all I’ve got is random today…

1) Dooley has a gigantic scratch across his cornea. (Probably something to do with the fact that he rubs his face all over the carpet in the mornings as part of his waking up routine.) I am stressed out like a crazy woman imagining all the things that could go wrong and trying to figure out how to get him to not scratch at it when I put the medicine in there (we tried the plastic cone, it was like watching a jumping bean the way he hopped around trying to get it off (and we tried this six times with all the same results) so that’s no dice) and he is…snoring.

Obviously he does not share my stress.

2) I survived the first round of layoffs at work. The next round is coming up fast and furious within the next couple months. It has me exhausted in a completely hideous way. But twinkies and yarn are the perfect antidote so there may be hope yet.

3) People like bargains. Who knew? Six out of the seven destash listings I put on etsy sold. (I’m not surprised the glitter is the last man standing. Not sure what fit possessed me to make me buy that.) Woo! I will be pillaging the studio again this weekend, nothing is safe now.

4) There was an extreme mishap with some lace knitting I was doing. (Notice the use of the word “was”.) It may require ripping back a large portion of it and its making me bitter. We are on a time out from each other. This decision was made when I realized that I was taunting the lace by calling it funny names and berating it. Time for a breaky-poo.

5) The really basic (yet incredibly huge) blanket I have begun knitting is a stellar upstanding knit. It has been the model of good behavior. Granted, I had to cast on 236 stitches using the cable cast on (praise the universe for YouTube videos and all the knitters that take the time to film these things) with a cotton/acrylic blend. I’ve not knit with cotton before. Guess what? Has very little spring. Which makes a 236 stitch cast on a little cruel but we got all the nasty out of the way at the beginning and now I can coo over it and thank it for being so nice to me (unlike that spiteful lace…tsk, tsk). I’m considering placing them next to each other so the lace can learn some manners.

6) The IFC movie channel introduced me to a new fantasy series by Sergei Lukyanenko. Click the link to read what its about, its hard to describe. What was even harder was watching a subtitled action movie. People talk really really fast when they’re being stalked by vampires. Which makes the subtitles flash really really fast. Which made me realize I probably missed three quarters of the story. People need to calm down when they are about to have their blood sucked out so that I can actually have time to read the English translation.

7) I’m contemplating color schemes for my studio when I finally get to the point of painting. (I have much much much much much much work before I can get to the painting part but I’m thinking on it anyhow.) I want something calming but cringe at anything white or beige. I’m thinking earth toned. I’m a big fan of arts and crafts architecture. I’m open to suggestions if anyone would like to give it.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Time for me to toddle off to bed soon. I plan to do more cleaning this weekend and hopefully some stitching. Or maybe I’ll just glue myself to the sofa and read. So many options, so much to do and so little time.


Leann said...

Pink. The studio should be pink.

Yarnhog said...

Poor Dooley! Everyone in my family has done that...including the dog. Although most of the humans didn't injure themselves scratching their faces on the carpet.

I am shuddering at the thought of a 236 stitch cable cast on in cotton. I hate knitting with cotton. I hate cable cast ons. And, well, you can probably guess how I feel about casting on 236 stitches. Bleah.

Good luck with the next round of layoffs.

mary said...

leann should never suggest that color..haha
and yeah i am not done with my "restore the roar" detroit tigers shawl i wanted done for opening day yet...ugh