07 April 2009

ok, who did it?

Yesterday I was willing to accept it was a fluke. I expected to wake up this morning and be able to see the ground. But nnnoooooooooo...that foul white junk (aka snow) is still there.

I want to know who ordered it...anyone? Anyone at all?

No? Didn't think so.

When I pulled into the parking lot at work yesterday and was getting my things together before stepping out of the car, I noticed a robin on the sidewalk. It was standing knee deep (or where its knees would be, not sure if they have them) in some slush with a look that said it would cuss if it could. It was clearly annoyed and I can sympathize.

I'm feeling bitter about the whole thing and my guess is that its Murphy's law has come to give us a good healthy smack upside the head. I have observed the following things in the past couple of weeks that I believe have directly contributed to this stupid-evil-blasted-annoying-*@%$&^ snow:

1) My mother moved the snow shovel from the front foyer to the garage, implying that it was no longer needed. I bear some responsibility for this, I stood there and watched her do it. Having lived in Michigan my whole life, I should have known it would anger Murphy. In the future I will throw myself on the shovel and refuse to let it leave the foyer until July.

2) I bought the Debbie Bliss spring/summer knitting magazine (which is quite nice by the way) and made the comment to mom that I'm thinking about knitting the simple garter stitch blanket for a summer blanket. Which means I was expecting summer to be here soon. Oops.

3) People at work stopped wearing coats. Most downgraded to simple sweaters or lightweight fleeces but the beadspread like coverings seemed to have been retired. We are all wearing our bedding again.

4) Tulips. Poking up through the ground, not in pots. I'm tempted to go step on what's left of them, they had to be the biggest source annoyance for Murphy.

5) The local ice cream shop opened. And people had the nerve to flock to it and stand outside of it eating the stuff. Silly people. If they were to do that now it would look like they were standing on the ice cream.

6) I was sandal shopping online. I need a new pair this summer, my current ones can't even be labeled as pathetic anymore (it doesn't accurately describe just how far gone they are). I apologize, my feet apologize, my web browser apologizes. We are all repentant.

7) The final four basketball game was here. People from North Carolina showed up in shorts and lightweight t-shirts. This was clearly too good to pass up. I have to admit, if I were Murphy I would have cackled and smacked the snow button too, this opportunity doesn't come along all the time.

The "low traction" warning on my car seemed startled today when it had to light up not once, not twice but three times where there was no obvious ice.

I swear here and now that the words "We should be done with the snow for this year" will not pass my lips until late July. At least then the crummy stuff will melt as soon as it hits the ground.


Leann said...

Did you check with grade school students? I think they may have ordered it, those weathermen were going on about 8" coming, I think they were looking for one more snowday.

mary said...

it was bound to happen
michigan is the eternal pms state
and its always a fear of opening week for the tigers.
pretty soon we will be moaning about the heat,,,but me i will take the heat over this crapola!

Pattie Wall said...

And teachers always hope for snow days this long haul to the end of the year, after Spring Break - ha! Just think, it's one day or so less of watering the yard or garden.

Kim Hambric said...

I heard we had a bit of snow in central PA the other day. Ha Ha. I was off in sunny London. Really. Sunny London. I thought your post was quite funny. Until I got to number six. Sandals. The best thing about fall and winter is that I can hide my feet in boots. I'll have to do the mail order thing and order a dozen pairs, return 11 and keep one that almost fits. I don't know why but I hate sandals.

Hope you and your Robins get to enjoy spring soon.