10 April 2009

falling in love with it again

I've got a four day weekend right now, and I sat down this morning to try to figure out what to do. The wish list of things that I would like to accomplish is akin to the likelihood of Dooley not fleeing from me when he realizes I plan to give him a bath later tonight.

In other words, its stupid crazy.

So I wandered on over to the the Bean this morning (the local coffee shop in Plymouth's downtown that the mighty starbucks has not been able to smote) and sat in a leisurely manner staring out the window while I fueled up for the day.

For one thing, it was a pleasant change to ease into the day instead of needing to hit the ground running the second my alarm screeches at me. One thing has been gnawing at me lately and that's the fact that I'm not making a lot of art.

I realized that its because I have far too many HFOs (Half Finished Objects, I like the way that sounds better then UFO (Unfinished Objects) to me since I have some issues with the creepiness factor of aliens) hanging about the studio. So much so that I have been avoiding going in there.

I decided that I would do my not-so-fun errands in the morning and then suck it up and go dig out some work to finish.

I unearthed this series:

This is Talk to Me 3, Talk to Me 4, Talk to Me 5 and Talk to Me 6. (Here are 1, 2, 7, and 8.)

The truly pathetic thing about this? One is stitched and just need to have the excess background fabric trimmed away and a second one is half stitched. The stitching on the remaining two has not been started yet but these are all 13"x13" so its not like I'm looking at billboard sized pieces.

As I puttered around in the ever growing pile of things that just aren't done yet, I found another series languishing. I have about six more siblings for Fragile 1 and Fragile 2.

*insert colossally huge sigh here*

I have no explanation for this. The only thing I can think of is that the excitement of it all being a new project wore off and I got tired of working on it after I got a couple pieces completed. I'm sure I became distracted by a shiny new idea, tossed these in a corner and skittered away. But the thing is, when I look at them now, they still thrill me. So I guess I just needed to fall in love with them again.

I've decided its time to clear these out of the HFO pile. I've dragged them down to my perch on the sofa and when I'm done with this post I'm going to stitch the snot out of the little buggers.

I do have one other thing on my agenda for this weekend. My friend Tom and I have issued each other a geekery exchange challenge. (Please note that I use geek in the most flattering of terms. I wear my geekiness with pride.)

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a Twilight nerd. It sort of goes against the grain of what I usually like but I read all four books in two weeks and dig them in every way possible. Tom is a Battlestar Galactica nerd. He raves about it and was lamenting the end of the series.

He also loves to taunt me endlessly about being a fan of Twilight. To which I retaliated by pointing out that there are plenty of people in this world that would consider Battlestar Galactica pretty geeky.

So now he has all four books of the Twilight saga and I have the first two of the four seasons of Battlestar Galactica. He is going to read them and I'm going to watch it. I am a fickle fan of sci-fi. I like some and not others and there is no rhyme or reason as to why. So this is a huge leap for me to take on watching a zillion hours of a sci-fi series.

Although I'm willing to bet that Tom cries uncle before I do. A high school love affair between a human girl and a vampire may be more then any man in his mid thirties can stand. I plan to start watching the series tonight. (*insert another colossally huge sigh here*)

So stitching and Battlestar Galactica. Those are my plans. (The challenge may drive me over the edge, especially if the series is something I can't wrap my interest around. If I go insane I'm taking you all with me so be prepared.)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your talk-to-me series. Thanks for sharing!
Carol W

bj parady said...

BG is on my top five list of all time best television series--I hope you like it...I'm waiting until I've forgotten most of it so I can watch it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting challenge, do keep us posted. Can't wait to see your HFO's as FO's.

Yarnhog said...

I'm betting you win this one. "A high school love affair between a human girl and a vampire" sounds like more than I could stand, too. When I asked my eleven year old if he had read any of the Twilight series, he gave me a disgusted look and replied, "Bleah! Mom, that's for girls!"

Pattie Wall said...

Now that's TRUE FRIENDSHIP - or Battleship or whatever...you are a glutton for punishment??? A whole season of a series??, you are a true friend.

Anonymous said...

My husband went with me and the grandkids to see Twilight. He liked it! They all did! And there was a 10 year old and 5 year old boy in the group.

Stephanie said...

Every guy I dated in College watched Battlestar. I hated that show, yet I love Star Trek. Good Luck Lynn.

michele said...

Your talking squares are cool. Can't wait to see each one in detail, if they get finished this month or in years to come. My bro thinks BG is the best show ever. Blasphemy! Farscape was. Haven't given the Twilight books a try tho.