30 April 2009

happiness is...

Things that made me happy today:

1) It is Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. Which means I will soon be able to sleep past 5am. (Unless that obnoxious bird-impersonating-satan that lives in the tree outside my bedroom window decides to sing his ear shattering screech that I think is supposed to be a song at the first sign of sunlight. But we aren't thinking about that right now.)

2) The miracle of yarn shopping online. I love that I can sit with my laptop on my sofa, click a few buttons and this shows up in my mailbox a few days later:

This is the colorway Scrogglings from etsy seller moonrover. It is made of merino, blue faced leicester, romney, romney lamp, hemp and tussah silk noils. It is handspun. It is earthy colors. It is perfection in every way. (This is my stress purchase from the recent events at work. This is the third skein of yarn I've purchased from her, she is one of my favorite dealers and it is worth every. single. penny.)

3) Its rainy and cool and perfect candle weather.

4) I have a dog that can hold both eyes open. (Of course right now he is sitting next to me being crabby. I just put the medicine in his eye and I taunt him that he looks like Popeye. He thinks I'm a brat.)

5) The Collage Mania preview for Fiberart for a Cause is open. There are 384 collages from 161 artists (I donated three). On May 5 you can snag your favorites for an $80 donation to the American Cancer Society and then on May 6 & 7 you can pick some up (provided the ones you want are still there) for a $40 donation to the ACS. There is the potential to raise over $15,000 in donations for the ACS. This makes me happy in a huge way.

6) Today is Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. (I feel this bears repeating.)

It was a content kind of a day. Which was nice.


Yarnhog said...

I'm so glad Dooley is feeling better!

That yarn is gorgeous. I clicked over to her shop to see what she had, but I can't figure out what to do with 266 yards of worsted weight, or whatever. What are you going to do with that beautiful yarn?

Fibra Artysta said...

That yarn will eventually turn into lace! :)