08 August 2008

U.F.O. Olympics

So I'm sitting here watching the Opening Ceremonies for the summer olympics (some impressive stuff, by the way) and I got to thinking about the Ravelympics going on over at Ravelry. The basic idea behind it is that you cast on for a knitting project during the opening ceremonies and you have the 17 days of the olympics to complete the project.

I admit, I was tempted to participate. After all, I've got a bone to pick with a couple new projects that weren't cooperating the other day but then I really stopped and thought, "Boy, that's dumb, I've got so many things already started..."

I wandered up to my studio and just kind of stood in the doorway and looked at what was going on in there.

Lots and lots and lots of half finished projects, some with due dates coming up fairly quickly.

So I'm doing my own version of the olympics and since I'm not able to move too far from the couch, its going to be fairly un-strenuous (is that a word?).

I'm going to do the U.F.O. (Unfinished Objects) Olympics.

Here are the basic rules I plan to follow:

1) The project must already be started. It doesn't matter if its half done or just started. Just not something new.

2) The size and scope of the project doesn't matter. It can be as simple as finishing knitting a pair of socks (can you tell mom is frothing at the mouth for her pair?) or completing the quilting for a large quilt. Quantity of projects completed does not matter, just shoot for finishing at least ONE thing.

3) You must finish one thing before moving on to another U.F.O. Again, the whole goal is completion, completion, completion. Flitting about with fiber art ADD will not get you anything.

Won't you join me? Drag out those projects! Finish them up! Clean off the work table in your studio! Wipe the slate clean!

Ready? Set? GO!!!


Gisela Towner said...

Alright, alright! I have 3 pieces with the binding, not yet stitched on the back and two more that have a bit more still to finish - including the BT piece (which I'll finish first!!) :)

Oh, Lynn, I got my terrier button set from Michelle -- LOVE them -- thanks for the great hook-up!

Barbara H. said...

I think I saw at least one Ravelry team that was tackling UFOs. I was invited to join a few teams, but like you, I have stuff to finish, and also work full-time, so I couldn't see starting anything new. I will join you in the UFO challenge, as I am working on finishing at least one knit garment for out of town trips later this month.

Sarah said...

I think this sounds great, Lynn...hmmmm, where do I start??!!

Cathy W said...

I'm in! I need to finish so many UFOs that this is the perfect Olympic event for me. First up to finish: My Breaking Traditions piece!!!