13 August 2008

Finished Object #2

The U.F.O. Olympic parade continues...

Here is the second finished object:

I finished spinning that blue roving that I am not fond of and designated as practice roving for me to abuse while I get the hang of spinning with a drop spindle.

Its better and I credit the top whorl spindle that I got. I found it far easier to spin with that one then the bottom whorl spindle I had hiding in my studio.

I also got this book and this book and have learned that the method that I'm using to spin the yarn produces thinner weight yarn. And to be honest, that's not really my goal. I want yarn that looks more like this:

I know this is commercially spun but I like the chubby look of it. The books told me to try supported spindle spinning to get thicker yarn. Since I know nothing, I will trust the books and give that a try the next time.

Things are not well on the back front. I'll be having surgery before the year is out but I'm hoping to put it off for a couple more months. There are some things to research in terms of what type of surgery so it will be a while yet anyway.

In the meantime I plan to entertain myself with more fibery things. I have some little bitty art quilts that are calling my name that I can easily stitch on while laying on the sofa. So I should have a couple more finished objects soon...

Stay tuned!

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