24 August 2008

Finished Objects #7, #8, #9 & #10

Well, tonight is the closing ceremonies for the real olympics, which also means the U.F.O. Olympics are coming to a close. I think I did pretty okay, ten finished objects in fourteen days.

So these are my sock creature guys, they are a bit odd but I like them. I want to do more and probably will. The fiber art group I belong to is doing an exhibit of them at the American Sewing Expo so I would like to finish up a few more for that.

These two came out looking happy. Not sure how, but I just went with it. The one on the right has some creepy eyeballs but he likes you and is happy to see you, can't you tell?

This poor guy photographed terribly. (My camera is apparently having PMS issues tonight.) But he got into some electrical stuff and has wire wrapped around him and some doo-dads hanging off him.

I'm liking them armless. That may be a recurring thing for me, I think it makes them look more creature like. This one is wearing a button (that my SIL makes and sells) that says "ignore me." He's a somewhat stoic looking fellow so it seemed appropriate. Plus the fact that Dooley was doing all his best tricks to get my attention when I was working on finishing him and it just seemed appropriate.

So that's the mad rush for finishing. I'm actually really happy because I met a lot of deadlines without loosing any hair. I still have some things I would like to finish but they aren't as urgent and I can take a breather on it.

But right now I have a date with the sofa, my back has become cranky in the past hour or so and won't let up. So me and Dooley are going to go relax a bit.


kathy said...

If I were Dooley, I'd be chewing on him, not ignoring him...

michele said...

Eeeeeeee (I'm squealing with delight). I love your creatures, they each have personality. Nice job sticking with your UFO Olympics. michele

Leann said...

Very nice creatures. I kind of like them armless, too. Sorry creatures.

JNHK said...

Ohmygosh!!! I love the armless one (with the Ignore Me button)... it is so gosh darn cute! I get first dibs if he ever goes up for sale! hee hee! :)