11 August 2008

Finished Object #1

In keeping with my self-imposed U.F.O. Olympics, I am excited to present the first U.F.O. to be completed.

May I present Frog in a Party Dress socks:

And here they are on their proud new owner:

Mom squealed, Dooley looked confused and me? I'm just glad to be done with the girly yarn. Nothing but dark colors and extremely LARGE needles for the next project.

So that's one U.F.O. that has been removed from the list. I need to pick the next victim. Not sure what it will be next as it needs to be something friendly in terms of me laying on the sofa. Knitting lends itself particularly well to that.

Stay tuned....

1 comment:

Yarnhog said...

As long as mom liked them! I don't knit for my mom anymore--she doesn't get the whole hand-made thing.