17 August 2008

Finshed Object #4

The finishing continues....

This is not only a small portion of the completed quilt but an incredibly crappy photo. (Give a girl a break, my back hurts and I care not about producing absolutely stunning photos. I'm happy just to capture it in the camera, my standards have lowered a bit.)

The reason that its only a small portion is that its for a competition/exhibit. I wasn't sure if I would finish it since things are a bit up in the air at the moment but I was so close to being done with it. So I worked on it over the past few days as I was able and crossed the finish line this morning.

I still need to attach a sleeve and a label and ship it out and fill out the entry form...but what the heck? I'll call it finished. (I hate that other stuff. Bleh.)

I've also decided that I could be in an advertisement for the macbook pro. I've been updating my website while laying on the sofa (not reclining, we're talking completely horizontal) with my laptop strategically situated on my stomach. It was a bit of a challenge at first but I've got the hang of it and I'm confident the Breaking Traditions online catalog will publish without a hitch.

In the meantime, Dooley has been suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. I operate as his feeder/groomer/playmate and since I went down with my back problems he has turned a shade of grey (he needs a bath and a haircut), he has had to rely on mom's cooking (all he gets is kibble but he told me I make it better then she does) and I've not been much of an entertainment source.

But today he was in a bouncy good mood and kept nudging me with his nose trying to convince me it was a good idea to join him in his glee. Seeing as how I can't chase him around the house like I ususally do (what? doesn't everyone play tag with their pets?) or take him for a long walk, I did the next best thing...

I took out my camera and taunted him with it. He is skiddish of the noises it makes and it was enough to set him off to running around the house in circles. I dragged myself off the sofa and just stood in one spot and waved it at him and actually managed to get a good shot of him playing:

Isn't he short?

With that said, I'm going to go lay back down and watch some T.V. I've been leaving it off all day because, to be honest, its been getting on my flippin' nerves. But there are some things on in the evening that I like to watch so it works out.

Stay tuned, there are seven more days left of the Olympics so that means there could be more finished objects posted along the way....


Anonymous said...

No fair, I want to see the whole thing and Dooley is the cutest dog on earth!

michele said...

I play tag with Suggy cat at work. I know when she invites me to play: she spies me down the hallway,jerks herself sideways with her tail noticeably humped and her eyes glinty. Then she's off! Game on! Dooley is so photogenic! michele

Anonymous said...
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