24 January 2008

Pass the kleenex...and the socks...

There's no fighting it now. Just when I think its gone away and I'm feeling human again, it creeps back in and knocks me flat on my face. This charming virus/cootie/plague/punishment is apparently happy with the real estate it has found in my body. I give up, I'm not fighting it anymore. Denial will only get me so far and its time to let the drugs do their work.

So I've retired to the sofa...and the socks...until this virus/cootie/plague/punishment decides to move on to its next victim. I'm pretty sure I caught it from someone at work, such is the pleasantries of co-existing in cubicle hell. I shall find the culprit when I return (this is my second day off work) and make sure I hack in his direction several times.

In the meantime, I've been working on the socks in the lucid periods of the day. Here's how they are progressing:

I contemplated starting the heel on the first one yesterday but considering the fact that my head feels like someone has poured concrete into it, I chose to start the cuff on the second one instead since that is easy and I don't have to think. Not thinking is good.

Oh, and I got my invite for Ravelry yesterday. I am redheadknitter75. I don't have much up there yet, just the sock. Woo. I started to build my page up and then realized it would take quite a bit of effort to finish. I got woosey. So I will return to it when I am human again and add more stuff to it. I'm starting to think knitters are even crazier (in a good way) then quilters are. This should be interesting.

Dooley has been supervising the sock progress.

He tried taking one of them yesterday. Sometimes I worry that he can tell the yarn came from another animal and he will want to chew it up in a fit of jealousy. Either that or he is trying to rescue it from further torture. Either way, he needs to be watched.

Time for another nap. You might want to consider wiping your keyboard off with anitbacterial wipes after reading this post. You can never be too careful.


Pattie said...

Wow, that sucks!! You have had your share of this junk. Take care, take some kisses from Dooley (if he gives them) - Get Well. Socks look good!

Deb said...

Feel better soon! I like the idea of making progress on both socks. Nothing worse than having one sock done, and then having to start all over again.

Nikki said...

The bugs this year seem to be real kickers. Take it easy and rest. I hope you feel better soon.