11 January 2008

Let me tell you why...

Here are the top ten reasons why I haven’t been blogging in the past few days:

1. Work is sucking out my life force and turning me into a zombie that is incapable of writing blog posts in the evenings.

2. I have nothing new to show you. I could blather on about Dotty but I’m worried that everyone who reads this is sick to death of the little crocheted devil and will start throwing rotten tomatoes at me if I continue to post about him. (Oh, and you’ve not seen the last of the crocheted amigurmi patterns…I found more I loved yesterday…I may have bought some more patterns involving a zombie bride and groom and sushi….I may be stopping at the yarn store today in search of smaller yarn…which means you get to listen to me blab about them…why yes, you are lucky...)

3. Dooley licked my laptop again and this time I’m sure he got zapped. I usually blog while I’m sitting on my sofa with him next to me. Until I can figure out a way to discourage this activity that doesn’t involve large amounts of electricity, I’m using it as an excuse.

4. I’ve been busy almost every night after work. Its never ending. Of course, I play no active role in the fact that I go out nearly every night for art meetings or getting my hair dyed or seeing movies. I am completely forced into it and this cuts into my blogging time.

5. My obsessive Virgo personality prevents me from producing unorganized posts. In fact, this one makes me want to scream in agony. (Quit snickering, Leann.)

6. I just started an online writing class. The blog will distract me. (Yes, I know blogging is writing and will only give me more practice. Shoosh…)

7. I’ve noticed that when I get together with friends now, they blankly look at me and say “Anything new since your last blog post?” I’m becoming boring in real life.

8. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are reading my blog that I didn’t realize were. Now I wonder who out there is reading it. And if they are coming to get me. Or if they are plotting my devise. Or if they are reading it and thinking “She’s full of crap!” Or if I’m saying things that offend them. Or if I’m developing a stalker following. And no, I’m not paranoid…why would you ask me that?!?!?!

9. I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time looking up amigurumi patterns. Yes, I know I already mentioned these but its computer time that I could spend blogging. But I like ‘em…I know, I know…there’s a 12-step program out there for me somewhere….

10. I suck.

I start my sock knitting class tomorrow. Tonight I practice doing ribbing like I promised I would do throughout the week but never did. (See #4.)

I’m a bad blogger and a bad knitter…excuse me while I go stick my head in the sand…


Deb said...

No apologies necessary, although yours was particularly interesting. Aren't comments from new visitors nice, then they are no longers strangers, stalkers, or plotters of your demise.

Pattie said...

Hey, it's a new year! I'd say you are "off and runnin'"! I agree with your #7 and 8 though. I feel that way sometimes too! Deb says it right, now if we could only get them to LEAVE comments! Good that you are taking a writing course, cause you have such "voice" in your writing already. (Sorry that's the 'retired' teacher coming out in me.)

Alessandra White said...

You are way too hard on yourself. Plus, you are so much more productive than I am, at least based on a comparison of our blogs. And you get lots of hits, vs me, who makes up for the majority of my own counter numbers. Rock on!