30 January 2008

An explanation for it all

I've never really been sure if I believe in astrology but I have to admit that when I read stuff like this, it makes me think twice about it:

'I ANALYSE' is the motto for Virgo. You have an eye for detail and a discriminating mind. You like order in all things and are neat, clean and precise in your habits.

You are modest and don't like to draw attention to yourself. Where others seek the limelight, you get quietly on with the job, doing it as well as you can. You get a lot of satisfaction from making yourself useful and enjoy being of service to others.

Outwardly you are cool, although inside you may be seething with nerves. You have a sensitive digestion and you're careful about what you eat and drink.

You can also be overcritical and have a tendency to worry too much.

You are the perfectionists of the zodiac.

It is eerily pretty much one hundred percent on the money. It came from this site if you are interested in some insight about yourself.

I blame the last two sentences for my knitting and crocheting issues of late. Let's take a look at things one by one, shall we?

1. The first pair of socks.

They are progressing. The one on the left has the heel flap that I managed to knit inside out. The one on the right has the heel flap being knit correctly. The heel flap on the left is about to be murdered. Once I'm done doing it correctly on the right one, I'm going to rip back the left one and do it correctly. Why? See the explanation above. I just can't leave it alone, I want it to be right.

My next sock knitting class is not until Feb 9 so I'm going to turn the heel while I'm at it. I found a really good site with videos on how to knit socks. That's all it took, I'm forging forward. The cussing should be spectacular, don't be alarmed.

2. Amigurumi sushi. I bought a pattern for these. Couldn't figure out how to do the rolls. I think I tried doing them a dozen times, scribbled revisions all over three copies of the pattern and then decided to just make up my own. These are the stress free, easy to do, happy go lucky sushi rolls that I have come to love. I have one more I want to design and when I'm done making about a million of these, I'll post the pattern here so that you too can submerge yourself in crochet sushi heaven.

From left to right we have an avocado roll, a shrimp tempura roll and a cucumber roll. The last one I'm making up will be a spicy tuna roll. They are oddly soothing, trust me, you'll want to make these. They are like crack.

3. My second pair of socks. Yes, you read that right, my second pair. I'm aware that I'm not done with the first pair yet and that I completely lack the knowledge to finish them, but I'm antsy and I have to wait two weeks to learn the next step. So what's a crazy Virgo girl to do? Start a second pair with the knowledge she does have so she will then be faced with finishing four socks instead of two. (Yes, there is logic in there.)

Here's how they are coming along:

I've cast on four times for the *bleeeepppppin'* things and I've discovered something very disturbing about how I knit in the round. I knit things inside out. I want to do a simple pair with a rolled edge at the top and then just stockinette down the leg. My plan is to knit the heel and toe in a different color so that its a simple but interesting sock.

I posted to a yahoo group for sock knitters about what I was doing and asked for advice on how to correct it. The answers that I got made me twitch. Here's the most common: "You're knitting inside out, just knit the stitches on the right side." Ummmm....yeah....thanks. I know that, how do I fix it? What am I doing that's causing them to sit on the outside? I'm planning on hauling it into work tomorrow and whining at my co-worker about it. I'm pretty sure she came out of the womb knitting socks and will probably take three seconds to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

If I can sit still long enough and leave them alone. Do you think if I cast on again for them and threatened them they would turn out correctly? Its worth a shot...

I really want to figure out what I'm doing wrong because this came in the mail yesterday.

I cannot even begin to describe how gorgeous this yarn is. Its called Mums the Word and it came from Spindle City Yarns. I got it from their shop on etsy. Purple and orange is my all time favorite color combination. Oh, and I should mention that Spindle City yarns dyes their yarn exclusively for PRO Chem & Dye. Which means these dyes really sing and are a high quality.

I need to figure out how to not knit socks inside out so that I can use this. I have to use it, its so pretty. Once those socks are done I may never ever never take them off. Pretty yarn.

That is, if I can figure out how to knit the stitches on the correct side without making the men in the white coats show up for a visit...


knitter said...

Lynn, I'm one of the folks who answered on sockknitters - I live in Redford so we could meet up if your work contact can't help you. Or try KnitMIchigan this Sat - I'll be in the BlackSheep KNitters Guild sponsored room from 11-1. www,knitmichigan.com

Fibra Artysta said...

Thanks! I discovered, though, that I don't knit backwards after all. I just hadn't knit enough length of it yet to realize it. I've had a virus bug for two weeks now and I'm blaming the cold medicine. ;-) If I'm feeling up to it, I'm hoping to come out to Knit Michigan for a little bit.