31 January 2008

Never mind...

Step 1: Cast on for the second pair of socks a total of six times. (Two times it had to be ripped out because the stitches were twisting. Four times because it looked backwards.)

Step 2: Stare at new sock and cuss like a sailor because you are knitting the stitches backwards. The knit stitches are on the inside, the purl stitches are on the outside. Begin to worry obsessively about the first pair. The knit2, purl2 ribbing on that cuff is identical inside and out so there is no telling yet just how spectacularly you've managed to screw that pair up.

Step 3: Email sock knitting yahoo group you belong to, search the internet for videos and pictures, and screw your face up into a permanent fit of frustration.

Step 4: Remember that Kate will be at the Running with Scissors meeting and she knits sock. Email her and beg for help. She agrees. We love Kate.

Step 5: Decide that in order for Kate to be of help (she is many wonderful things but its unlikely that she will be able to look at just a cast on sock and diagnosis it), you must knit a decent length of the cuff in order to demonstrate your knitting stupidity.

Step 6: Cast on. (again)

Step 7: Knit ten rounds and become dumbfounded. It doesn't look backwards. Decide you are hallucinating and keep knitting.

Step 8: Get up to almost twenty rounds and realize that you've been hitting the cold medicine entirely too hard the past two weeks. You are knitting it correctly, there just wasn't enough length for you to realize it.

Step 9: Get an upset stomach when you realize you've ranted about this in public on the blog for all the world to see.

Step 10: Go take more cold medicine and accept that you are a complete idiot. But you are an idiot who apparently is capable of knitting socks correctly so life isn't all bad.

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Sujati said...

Oh well done! and even more-THANK YOU for making me laugh so hard when I checked in this morning!