07 May 2013

thermofax screen kits available through Interweave! :)

One of my secret projects was this one:

I'm super stoked to be able to offer two Thermofax screen designs through Interweave - a coffee cup and a tea cup:

  photo by Jackie Lams

They are included in a kit that comes in two varieties - Basic and Deluxe.  Both types include one each of the Coffee Cup and Tea Cup screens, my Print Design Compose DVD, six flour sack kitchen towels for creating a super cute towel set. The Deluxe kit adds to the goodness with four bottles of Plaid Simply Screen Paint.  

There aren't a lot to go around so don't wait too long!

Want to see what the pile of screens looked like after Jackie was done burning them all?

   photo by Jackie Lams

That's a lot of Thermofax screens!! (Makes my heart go pitty pat!) Jackie did a real bang up job executing the order, it wasn't easy. But our determination to convert everyone into Thermofax screen printing addicts runs deep and strong! :)

I do hope you'll grab a kit and have as much fun screen printing your little heart out!!! :)

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Maggie said...

Congrats on a project well done