26 May 2013

in memoriam: Kathreen Ricketson

I wasn't online a whole lot last week, the day job was keeping me busy. So this morning I decided to sit down with my morning coffee and sift through blogs and found some very very sad news posted over at The Silly BooDilly.

Kathreen Ricketson of the incredible blog Whip Up has passed. And her husband is missing. The details of what authorities think happened can be found here. They leave behind two young children.

image of Kathreen and her family taken from her site

I never met Kathreeen in person, she lived in Australia. But we talked in email and it was one of those connections that would have never happened had the internet not made the crafting world such a strong global community. I was once featured in a blog post on her blog, Whip Up, and read it every day. She was incredibly kind and a gift to the craft world.

I wanted to pause. To pay my respects here. My regular Sunday posts will be caught up with during the week but today is for her, to remember all the inspiration she gave me. Even if you didn't know her, it's one of those things that takes your breath away. And this morning my heart is heavy.

They have set up a fund to help her children. If you are interested in contributing, go here.


~Rasz~ said...

Bless you for sharing the information, the fund for the children and your beautiful words for your friend. Life is short. I haven't read the details yet.
Big hugs and prayers to you, her friend.

Regina B Dunn said...

Life is precious and short. Thank you for sharing this.

Maggie said...

I've felt the same way all week. So sad for their children.

Robbie said...

Lynn...I actually heard this story on the news but obviously didn't know Kathreen or that you did. So sad...and for the children. Glad you shared with your blog friends.