20 May 2013

helping Cart Before the Horse turn into a mobile art studio! :)

Do you know Cart Before the Horse? Outstanding artists and all around nice people. I have several of their dolls, can't express how much I love them. Very original, quirky and all kinds of personality.

They've been talking on their blog for a little bit about their plans to leave traditional house dwelling behind and create a mobile art studio to travel around the country and well, live in. It's such a great idea! But they need a little help raising the funds to make their dreams come true.

They've started a Kickstarter campaign to earn the money needed to make their mobile art studio/home a reality. Here's a little video showing their plans:

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter (I'm just learning about it myself), it's a site where you can submit a project to help raise money. If you back the project, you don't get charged unless the full fundraising amount is reached. In exchange for donations, the people running the project can offer incentives or thank you gifts. What you get is based on how much you pledge and let me just say, Cart Before the Horse does NOT disappoint. They've got really awesome incentives at every dollar amount. 

I think the site is great, it offers artists to reach out to others around the world to do really great things. If you're inclined, swing by the Cart's project and pledge to help them if you love them as much as I do. Roll on! :)

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