13 May 2013

don't forget - voting for Fabric8 contest ends on May 15!

Several people have asked me if they can vote more then once. The answer is no. According to the official rules, multiple votes from the same person/IP address will be disqualified so they won't go toward the total number of votes received. So one vote per person please! :)

Okay, I know that I'm of a single thought line right now but I'm trying to cover all my bases. I apologize for beating the drum so hard about this but the timeline is so short that I don't really have a choice if I want to advance to the finalist round.

In case you've missed what I'm talking about - I entered a contest on Spoonflower in which the prize is to become a fabric designer for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. My design (shown below) was selected out of 750 entries for the semi-finalist round. There are 100 designs in this round and now it's up to voting. The eight designs that get the most votes will advance to the finalist round. Those designers will make a few more designs to create a mini collection and voting will re-open on June 3. At that point, whoever gets the most votes wins the entire contest.(My original blog post about the contest and all the details can be found here. )

Voting for the semi-finals round ends on May 15 so time is a wasting! :)

My design entry is shown below, "Geometry Test Cheat Sheet":

When you go to vote, they move the designs around so you'll have to look through the 100 semi finalists to find out but really, it's pretty quick.

If you like my design and wouldn't mind giving me a vote, I'd really appreciate it!

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SuzanneG in NC said...

Done! and, by the way, I love your design. I hope you make it to the next round and on from there!
Suzanne G in NC