28 May 2013

now enrolling for the summer session of "The Written Sketchbook"

The summer session of The Written Sketchbook is now enrolling and I couldn't be more thrilled. Why? Because it's been revised and tweaked and made into something so special that I'm beyond excited to bring it to you! :)

Writing is an integral part of my life - whether it's her on the blog, in my journal, in my sketchbook, for articles, for classes. It's a sacred practice for me.

Because it's such a strong part of my life, it seeps into every part of it - including the visual art that I make. The Written Sketchbook is about tying the two together - it's about trying out different forms of writing as a means to inspire ideas and a deeper connection to your art.

If you want a closer look at what the process is about, please visit my post over on the Sketchbook Challenge blog. It's not about making perfect art - it's about MAKING art and working through ideas.

What this class IS:

1. In this class, you will use writing as a tool for self examination in order to feel a stronger connection to your artwork through a series of Prompts.

2. A practice to be learned and developed over time that can allow you to generate new ideas for artwork using writing.

3. A challenge to try something new in your art making process.

What this class ISN'T:

1. No art techniques or projects will be taught in this class. You will be drawing experience and working from where you currently are in your art journey.

2. This class is a tool to help you develop a practice, it will take work. It is not a magical formula, expect that it will take more then one try to get the hang of it.

3. This class does not offer technical writing instruction. The writing in this class is based on prompts that focus on a particular style of writing and your personal insights.


I *will* encourage you. I *will* show you how to use writing as a means of inspiration. I *will* challenge you to go outside of your normal writing habits (if you have some, they are not required) to think differently.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A GOOD WRITER TO TAKE THIS CLASS. That’s not what this is about. Writing is a means of connecting with your awareness and offers you clarity to see what inspires you to create your work. You will be asked to write in your sketchbook and develop sketches (I’m a doodler, you don’t need to know how to draw) that relate to it.

No pressure. No stress. Open mind. Open heart. Willing to experiment. A pen. Some paper. That’s all you need to take this class.

To read about the types of writing explored and the delivery schedule, take a gander at the enrollment listing in the shop.

And to make it extra special, swag is now included. How about a hand screen printed pocket journal to keep track of inspiration?

And a pin to show off your flair? :)

I do hope you will join me. Class begins on Sunday July 21 and I think you'll love it as much as I do. :)

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