07 April 2013

paint tip - keeping paint "fresh" while working

I think I take for granted all the little tips that I have learned over the years when dealing with paint. It's sort of like when someone tells me they don't drink coffee, it takes me a moment to realize that there are people out there who aren't doing it.

So I thought I'd share some of my simpler tricks that I use when I'm flinging paint in the studio.

Here's an easy one that seems obvious but I learned the hard way:

I often mix color or mediums into my paint and that means they are sitting in an open cup. Now I only mix as much as I think I will use in a single work session, I've yet to find jars for storing mixed concoctions that I like so I've developed that habit. Which isn't entirely a bad thing.

But when I get moving, that means the cup and brushes will sit out on my work table - often with a fan running overhead. It doesn't take long for that weird gross film to start to form on top. I consider it the enemy.

So I just plop a cardboard or plastic cup over top of cup and ends the printing tools to slow it down. Does it stop it entirely? Of course not. If I left it out overnight or even for a few hours, I'd still get that film. But it keeps it groovy for while I'm printing which makes me a happy paint girl. :)


Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

Neat tip, Lynn, thanks!

Here's one from my studio, if you don't mind me sharing it: I mix my paints in small "jello shot" containers, those little plastic cups you find at the party store for dirt cheap, because they come with lids. When I need to preserve paint overnight, I pop the lid on. If I want to preserve it longer than that, I stretch a small piece of cling wrap over the cup and then put the lid on. I've been able to preserve paint for up to a week like this. Paint is expensive, you don't want to be wasting it!

HollyM said...

I like both of these suggestions. I'm going to scout for some small containers.
I'm also curious about what kind of printing ink you're using.

Judith said...

Great idea! Look for some small containers while out and about in H-Town. Thanks for sharing....Judith, Texas