22 April 2013

I've joined The Sketchbook Challenge! :)

Have you heard of The Sketchbook Challenge? If not, let me tell you about it!

It's a group of artists gathered together on a blog, every month a theme is posted, we work in our sketchbooks and show you what we made. Sue Bleiweiss organized the group in  2011 and it's been a hopping center of inspiration ever since.

I'm excited to now be counted amongst the artists that post to the blog. :)

There's a flickr group, prizes and all kinds of fun over there. Full details on how that all works can be found here.

April's theme is Spirals and I knew that joining this group would challenge me - I never do literal interpretations of themes. In fact, the work I produce from themed challenges really skirts the edges.

As a perfect example, here is the piece I made after working in my sketchbook for the Spiral theme:

For details on how in the world I ended up here, stop on by The Sketchbook Challenge blog! :)

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